We use high quality drones at every home inspection.

Harsh Florida weather conditions like heat, rain, and wind take their toll on roofs. High quality drones allow us to inspect your roof safely and accurately. Our drones take high quality images and can reach high roof areas in addition to recessed areas any inspector would not be able to access.

Aerial inspections have many benefits. For home buyers and sellers, a roof inspection is a critical step in the buying/selling process. A home’s roof is one of its most expensive features and potential buyers want to know the condition of the roof before they purchase a property.

Drone footage provides us with extremely reliable data about the condition of a roof. We can provide a comprehensive roof inspection without damaging any of the roofing materials like clay tiles, slate roofs, or even metal roofs which shouldn’t be walked on.

Drone photos take roof inspections to the next level, and they’re included in every home inspection.

Certified Drone Pilot