An 11th month warranty inspection is provided to buyers of a new construction home as they near the end of their builder warranty period.

An 11th month warranty inspection can identify any deficiencies which may be covered under the warranty from your builder.

The first year of a builder’s warranty period is critically important. Typically in the first 12 months the builder has responsibility for a wide array of defects. Schedule an 11th Month Warranty Inspection before it’s too late!

Very few homeowners know where and how to check for common flaws. An 11th month inspection from Sun Inspections can help save you money now and headaches later!


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Why Get a Warranty Inspection?

Some homeowners don’t think they need an inspection during the purchase of a new house or condominium because the home has been built to code and was inspected for building code compliance by authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Many major defects may go undetected because building codes are only minimum standards.

We have seen significant health and safety items go undiscovered. Code inspectors are not too concerned with workmanship as long as the systems and components meet minimum code requirements. Even if you did not have a home inspection at the time of purchase an 11th month warranty inspection is a smart decision.

We identify repairs and deficiencies in the structure, mechanical, and appliances. An interactive report is provided the same day and provides a summary of recommended repairs which you can present to the builder during the warranty period.


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What is included in a warranty inspection?

A warranty inspection is a complete inspection of the home. You will receive a full, easy to read report advising you of any action to take.

Some areas we inspect:

The house is new, why do I need an inspection?

After you have lived a new home in for a year, there can be system or component malfunction, unusual wear, and settlement. These items often go unnoticed by homeowners. After a few months in the home, you may realize everything is not perfect. A new home’s construction requires a tremendous amount of materials and contractors. Our 11th Month Warranty Inspection can provide you with a list of defects discovered, recommended repairs, and actions that would bring the home back to new condition.

An 11th month warranty inspection from Sun Inspections will not only help protect your investment but your family, guests, and belongings which make your house a home.

Let us help you determine if your new home is meeting your expectations.



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