We include a BuildFax report with every inspection. The BuildFax report makes it easy to understand critical details about a property and helps give you a complete picture of the property history.

 Details like how old the wiring is, the roof, or the air handler are a few examples. These details can have a huge impact on your buying decision.

You’ll see how well the property’s been maintained, what kind of renovations have happened, and how it compares to the neighborhood. You get a detailed snapshot of all permit records on file.

The BuildFax Report helps you:

  • Estimate budget requirements to update aging systems like heating and cooling, electrical, or plumbing
  • Negotiate a better deal when things haven’t been updated or risks are present
  • Ensure property renovations were completed to safety standards and codes
  • Avoid costly hidden expenses like roof repair
  • Invest wisely by knowing the neighborhood renovation trends