Knowing When To Replace HVAC Filters

​Every homeowner wants a healthy indoor air quality.  There are many factors, however, that can affect the quality of air in the home so regular home maintenance is important.

One way to help maintain good air quality is changing your HVAC filters, but, how can you tell when they should be replaced?

How often you replace them will depend on the level of use the HVAC system gets, however, a general guide is every 3 months.  There are some conditions, though, where you may benefit from changing the filters more frequently.  For example, if the household is larger or has pets, more dust and dirt is produced so you might consider replacing it as often as once a month.  This would also be a good idea for homes where someone suffers with allergies or if there are occupants who smoke indoors.

Outdoor conditions also have a big impact on indoor air quality.  If you live in an agricultural area or if there is construction happening locally, these are other reasons to replace the filter more often.  This should also be done if there have been wildfires in the area.

You will need to change the HVAC filter immediately if you notice it has become damp or wet, this could release harmful mold spores into the home’s atmosphere.  You should also change is straight away if you see if has become damaged in any way.

Its clear to see, then, that regularly replacing your HVAC filters is beneficial and promotes a healthy indoor air quality.  Its also important to remember to have your HVAC system serviced every year to make sure its stays in good working order.