Kitchen Garbage Disposal Units

​A kitchen garbage disposal unit can be a great tool to have in the home.  Intended to dispose of small scraps of food by grinding them up small enough to flush through into the sewer or septic tank, this small appliance plays a role in reducing landfill waste.

But, in order to function well, a garbage disposal unit needs to be used in the manner it was intended, it is not designed for just anything to go down it.

Non food items such as plastic wrap, aluminum foil and bottle caps easily find themselves in the kitchen sink.  These should not be placed into the garbage disposal unit.  It is not meant for nonfood items and they could damage the system.

Care should also be taken with liquids.  That may seem strange as liquids don’t even require grinding up but, oil, grease and chemicals can cause damage and are especially bad if you have a septic tank.

Food items such as bones can blunt the blades of the garbage disposal and should not be placed into it.  Even fibrous foods like corn husks and potato peels etc. can affect the proper functioning of the unit.  While you may decide to put these down there, try to do it in small amounts and make sure you keep the water running for a short while even after all the food has flushed through.

Yes, a kitchen disposal unit can be a great tool to have in a kitchen and following these simple tips will help keep the system in good working order.